Announcing the Hot Topic Session to Be Featured during the 2023 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo!

By Dori Germolec posted 02-23-2023 17:07


The SOT Scientific Program Committee is delighted to add a Hot Topic Session this year to the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, providing an additional venue for the timely dissemination of new and exciting applications and information. This year’s session, “Circulating Molecular and Cell-Derived Biomarkers for Translational Toxicology,” will be presented on Thursday, March 23, 8:30 am to 11:15 am.

Circulating molecular and cell-derived biomarkers are found in blood or other biological fluids that derive from cancer cells or are produced by normal cells in response to carcinogenesis or to the development of a disease. Biomarkers detectable in body fluids (i.e., liquid biomarkers) offer the great advantage of being identified by minimally invasive methods. This session will feature well-established scientists from academia, government, and the private sector who have expertise in methods development, basic research, and clinical applications. Specifically, this expertise includes the identification and characterization of cell-free nucleic acids, exosome-based molecular signatures, and circulating miRNA biomarkers in human cohorts, in vivo, and ex vivo. The session also will explore the value of deep phenotyping from healthy individuals in prospectively inferring disease transitions.

The incidence of chronic adult diseases and cancer is on the rise. Thus, the discovery and application of highly specific and sensitive liquid biomarkers that link environmental exposures to the development of a disease have become of great importance.

For complete session details, please use the SOT Online Planner.