Submit a Proposal for ICT 2022 by June 1


By Flemming Cassee posted 05-27-2021 10:23


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Scientific Program Committee (SPC), I invite you to submit your proposal for ICT 2022, which will be held in Maastricht, September 18–22, 2022.

The International Congress of Toxicology is a joined meeting of IUTOX and EUROTOX organized in collaboration with the Netherlands Society of Toxicology.

The theme of ICT 2022, “Uniting in Toxicology,” reflects our desire to address topics dealing with different disciplines. Working together, these disciplines, with their diverse perspectives, contribute to promoting and encouraging the use of new and innovative techniques and strategies that will continue to reduce the risks to human health and the environment. Submissions in line with this theme are strongly encouraged.

Please make sure to follow the guidelines for session proposals when preparing and submitting your proposal. Further information regarding the guidelines can be found on the ICT 2022 website in the “Call for session proposals” section. The deadline is June 1, 2021.

The SPC will ensure the balance of interests of different countries and world regions. It is imperative that the attendees feel that scientific sessions and continuing education courses are informative and inspiring and present strategies that can be implemented to improve human and environmental health in countries with both robust and developing research and regulatory enterprises. We wish to serve as a global forum for the exchange of ideas that can create impacts at all time scales, create lasting partnerships, and lead to measurable elevation of the competency of the toxicologists globally.

We also urge you to support and encourage inclusion of young scientists in your sessions to help them advance their scientific and professional skills.

Thank you in advance for your support and contribution, and I look forward to receiving your proposals.

Yours truly,

Prof. Flemming Cassee

Scientific Program Committee Chair

On behalf of the SPC:

Nursen Basaran, Turkey (IUTOX)
Richard Brown, Geneva (WHO)
Félix Carvalho, Portugal (EUROTOX)
Fernanda Cavieres, Chile
Andrea De Vizcaya-Ruiz, Mexico
Mary Gulumian, South Africa
Salmaan Hussain, Malaysia
José Manautou, US (IUTOX)
Ivan Rusyn, US
Thomas Weiser, Switzerland (EUROTOX)
Martin Wilks, Switzerland (EUROTOX)