SOT Launches New Marketing Campaigns to Engage with Members and Key Audiences

By George Daston posted 22 days ago


One of the objectives in the current SOT Strategic Plan is to “increase engagement using audience-specific communication technologies.” To that end, SOT has started using some new online marketing platforms to help amplify our messaging and increase awareness of the Society’s events and programs.

You will likely see some of these efforts around the internet, but I wanted to directly provide you with some examples of these new campaigns.

Google AdWords

Through a nonprofit grant from Google, SOT is running AdWord campaigns as part of the Google search platform. AdWords is a system that Google uses that allows advertisers to bid on keywords that will allow their ads to appear when individuals search on Google for those keywords. Currently, SOT will use its Google grant to bid on keywords associated with toxicology and the Society’s programs to help our content become a top search result on Google, such as the pictured example of a search for “toxicology.”

Feathr Online Ads

Feathr is a software platform that helps SOT place ads on websites across the internet. The software also allows SOT to specify the type of individuals to whom the ads appear, ensuring that we are displaying ads that are relevant to our members and key audiences. SOT will initially use this platform to promote the 2021 Annual Meeting, but we anticipate that we will use it to promote other initiatives as well. A sample of one of these online ads is included in this blog.
SOT will continue to explore other communication platforms and opportunities as we look for ways to better engage with our members, potential members, and key audiences.