Interactive Learning Will Enhance Many 2023 Continuing Education Courses: Register Now!

By Kristen Ryan posted 12-01-2022 13:06


SOT hosts a wide variety of Continuing Education (CE) courses as part of the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo to meet the educational needs of meeting attendees. As part of its commitment to providing lifelong learning opportunities, some SOT CE courses incorporate innovative engagement methods to enhance the attendee learning experience. In a series of blog posts, of which this is the first, we will highlight some of the 2023 CE courses that will feature interactive experiences.

AM02: A Training on the OECD Guidance for Characterizing, Validating, and Reporting Physiologically Based Kinetic Models

If you ever asked for a CE course that is more than presentations, this CE course is for you! This course will tell you everything that you always wanted to know about the OECD physiologically based kinetic model guidance but didn’t know who to ask. The course aims to offer participants a crash course on the key principles in the OECD guidance, with a mix of presentations and hands-on exercises. You will have ample opportunities to practice what you have learned by reviewing and evaluating hypothetical modeling packages. To encourage your participation, an audience participation software will be used for you to vote, rate, or answer questions about the review processes from your own personal device, with a real-time responses displayed and summarized! This is a course that will let you practice, work in groups, and voice your opinions. Come prepared to learn, make friends, and have fun!

AM03: Advanced Discovery Toxicology: Integrating Toxicology with Other Functions on the Team

This course will highlight the importance of having toxicologists fully integrated in early discovery project teams to enable efficient strategic decision-making around lead candidate selection. The aim of this CE course is to provide an opportunity for toxicologists to gain insights into nonstandard toxicology contents (medicinal chemistry, ADME/pharmacokinetics, formulation development, and machine learning) that can significantly impact safety outcomes and design of nonclinical safety strategies in the small molecule discovery space. The course will conclude with an interactive session focused on how toxicologists can efficiently gain diverse ranges of scientific expertise and influence better decision-making early in the discovery stage. One question per speaker will be presented, and attendees will choose one answer from multiple choices in a poll. Live results will be presented and discussed with the panel of speakers. This will provide an opportunity to have open discussions on responses selected and learn different philosophies.

We invite you to explore the SOT Continuing Education courses offered as part of the 2023 SOT Annual Meeting and learn more about some of the unique engagement opportunities available in select CE courses.