Making Connections: Adding Scientific Terms to African Languages and a Report on Preventing and Addressing Harassment

By Suzanne Fitzpatrick posted 09-30-2021 15:30


As part of the SOT commitment to supporting diversity and inclusiveness, as well as to help promote dialogue and understanding, the Society presents this recurring blog series, dubbed “Making Connections.” This series contains summaries of articles, reports, and other resources that offer professional development insights and capture the state of the larger scientific community in relation to topics such as diversity, inclusion, support for early career researchers, and more.

“African Languages to Get More Bespoke Scientific Terms”

A Nature news article discusses the lack of scientific terms in African languages and how science researchers are aiming to change that. Researchers started a research project called “Decolonise Science” that aims to translate 180 scientific papers from the AfricArXiv preprint server into six African languages: isiZulu and Northern Sotho from southern Africa; Hausa and Yoruba from West Africa; and Luganda and Amharic from East Africa. The article explores the process of how the preprints will be translated as well as future goals for the project.

“Evaluating the Effectiveness of Interventions to Prevent and Address Sexual Harrassment”

A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report summarizes the presentations and discussions of a workshop titled “Developing Evaluation Metrics for Sexual Harassment Prevention Efforts.” The workshop took a closer look at sexual harassment prevention measures at higher education institutions and research and training sites. The report can be downloaded as a PDF for free or be purchased as a paperback for a fee.