Plan to Attend One of the March 10, 2018, SOT CCT Conferences: Early Bird Deadline February 9


By Ruth Roberts posted 01-04-2018 15:37


The Society of Toxicology (SOT) is pleased to offer two Contemporary Concepts in Toxicology (CCT) conferences in conjunction with the SOT 2018 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Please visit the conference websites for further details and registration for these March 10, 2018, CCT conferences.

Building a Better Epithelium, Breaking the Barrier to the Next Generation of Toxicity Testing, March 10, 2018, San Antonio, Texas



Epithelial Cells in the airway, skin, and digestive tract are the interface between the body and the environment and serve both as a physical barrier and key player in the toxicological response to chemical and environmental exposures. This meeting will address key concepts and applications of rapidly-emerging organotypic epithelial models that have the potential to transform the role of in vitro models in toxicology research and testing. If you are interested in how these advanced, yet accessible, models can increase the physiological relevance of your research or testing program, then visit the meeting website to view the complete program, submit an abstract, and register today!

Toxicological Concerns in Older Adults, a Neglected Majority, March 10, 2018, San Antonio, Texas


By the year 2050, more than one in every five persons is projected to be aged 60 or over. Although considerable effort has been spent addressing the biological aspects of aging, including genetics and pharmacology, toxicological effects specific to older populations have been understudied. The primary goal of this meeting is to increase understanding of the changes associated with the aging process and discuss ways in which these changes may influence toxicity outcomes. The discussions will have potential impact on the development of toxicological assessments, the drug development process, and clinical practice. To see the full agenda, submit an abstract, and register, please go to the conference website.