Inspiring the Next Generation of Toxicologists


By Rachel Woodson posted 09-22-2016 14:13


Submitted by Rachel Woodson, Committee on Diversity Initiatives Staff Liaison

Join the Society of Toxicology (SOT) in actively engaging the next generation of toxicologists. Invite the undergraduate science majors who you may know to take advantage of the many opportunities that SOT offers for them and their faculty advisors.

What does SOT offer to undergraduates? Travel Awards to attend the SOT Annual Meeting for students who are interested in learning about the field of toxicology and those who are already doing toxicology-related research. Students from groups under-represented in the sciences and their advisors can apply for the Undergraduate Diversity Travel Awards. Participants receive travel support and lodging to take part in the 3-Day Undergraduate Diversity Program that includes special lectures in toxicology, inclusion in mentor groups, and special presentations on preparing for graduate school and career opportunities in the field of toxicology. Students already engaged in research and who plan to submit an abstract to the SOT Annual Meeting are eligible to apply for the Pfizer Undergraduate Travel Awards. Award recipients receive travel support and lodging to attend the SOT Annual Meeting, are paired with a Pfizer mentor, and attend the open Sunday portion of the Undergraduate Program.  


The Undergraduate Program participants engage in the interactive discussion.

Any undergraduate student can receive complementary registration to attend the SOT Annual Meeting and attend the Sunday Undergraduate Education Program. Students who participate in the Sunday Program also take part in the mentor groups, attend the toxicology lectures, and engage in the roundtable discussions on succeeding in graduate school and learning about career opportunities in various sectors. Undergraduate students interested in learning more about SOT and other opportunities that become available throughout the year can sign up for free as an Undergraduate Affiliate.

More information on the Society’s opportunities for undergraduates and their advisors can be found on the SOT website.



The Undergraduate Program participants network with Academic Program and Internship Directors.

“Promote the Recruitment, Education, and Development of a Diverse and Creative Community of Toxicologists” is a key strategic objective for the Society. The impact of the SOT Undergraduate programs is long lasting. One past Pfizer Award Recipient remarked, “I had a wonderful time attending the SOT conference. I enjoyed being in an environment full of excitement and curiosity about science. This experience has pushed me towards a career in research and informed me about the potential routes that I may take down this path.” Recruitment and retention of undergraduates is critical to nurturing the next generation of young scientists.

For more information on SOT opportunities for undergraduate students, contact SOT Headquarters.

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