SOT GIFT for Graduate Students: Deadline February 15


By Aaron Bowman posted 01-31-2019 14:15


The Graduate Education Subcommittee of the SOT Education Committee will accept initial applications for the new SOT Graduate Intern Fellowship in Toxicology (GIFT) as late as February 15, 2019. Support from the SOT Endowment Mission Funds has been earmarked to enable SOT member graduate students to participate in a meaningful, student-identified internship experience, in light of the value of diverse experiences during graduate school for gaining confidence and insight into future career paths.

GIFT awards will be for a maximum of $3,000 each with a total budget of $9,000 available this year. Awards require applicants to identify an internship experience for summer 2019 outside the trainee’s academic institution. Priority will be given to students proposing a toxicology-related internship that clearly states the intended internship objectives, as well as the project goals, career development-related activities, and/or methodologies to be learned by the intern. The experience can be in an established internship program or an internship that is arranged by the applicant. Internship details do not need to be finalized by the application deadline. In addition, applicants must provide details for one experience but may include other options, if available, should acceptance to the first option not occur. Evidence of acceptance to the internship will be required before the award is finalized by March 15, 2019. Graduate Education Subcommittee members are available to discuss and provide feedback on the development of your application. Please make the request by submitting your draft to Betty Eidemiller. Committee members are happy to work with students at any stage of development and give advice and suggestions toward a successful application.  

The SOT funds are to be used to close gaps in available funds to facilitate participation by graduate trainees. Requests for funding at levels less than $3,000 are welcomed. Funding might provide travel to the internship site, local housing, and/or stipend (if not provided by the internship host). The level of requested funds should take full advantage of any stipend or funding offered by the internship host and home institute. For example, if housing and a stipend are provided by the experience but travel funding to and from the site is needed, then a GIFT application for just travel funds would be appropriate. Applications must include letters of support from the internship host, graduate advisor, and director of graduate studies to validate and ensure success of the opportunity. All internships should last at least six consecutive weeks between May and August 2019. These must occur during the degree program (for example, cannot be an add-on at the end of a degree program to help a student stay funded) and must be outside the available resources of the applicant’s graduate training or research program. 

This is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to find or create an experience that will have a major impact on their future career paths.

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