SOT Faculty Webinars Continue—January 28, 4:00 PM EST


By Joshua Gray posted 01-24-2014 15:39


Undergraduate Educator Network Webinars

Education and Enrichment Activities for Educators

January 28, 2014, 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


National undergraduate biology education initiatives challenge faculty to thoughtfully design courses to increase biological literacy via student-centered learning, incorporate more research experiences, expand interdisciplinary content, adopt pedagogically-sound practices, evaluate and improve approaches, and cultivate these strategies across the campus. This is indeed a challenge! This webinar will provide information about
professional development opportunities so that you can enrich your teaching portfolio.

Sue M. Ford, St. John’s University and recipient of the 2012 SOT Undergraduate Educator Award, will be the speaker for this second webinar in the Undergraduate Educator Network series. She will be joined by Pamela Hanson of Alabama Southern University and Diane Hardej of St. John’s University. Whether you are a junior faculty member or postdoctoral fellow starting a teaching career or a senior faculty striving for updated pedagogy, this seminar is for you.

Online communities such as ToXchange and PULSE provide the opportunity to exchange ideas with faculty in other institutions. The National Academies, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and professional societies sponsor meetings and teaching institutes across the country to disseminate information about successful new teaching strategies to increase learning outcomes. Furthermore, agencies such as the National Science Foundation also suppor the scholarship of teaching and learning, providing funding for education-related research on improving pedagogy. Finally, there are several journals and online resources devoted to teaching in science disciplines that are valuable
resources for educators. 

Join us as Dr. Ford and the panelists share their own experiences with education and enrichment for educators. The webinar recording will be available on the SOT website after the event.