Tox ShowDown—Don’t Miss It!


By Archive User posted 03-24-2014 19:06


It’s coming upTuesday night, Hump Night you might call it, when the SOT meeting will be more than half over. How to spend the evening? Not another alumni reception, Specialty Section meeting, Scientific Program Committee side event, dinner with your publisher, or staying holed up in your hotel room agonizing over a grant proposal, or falling asleep watching a TV nature show about feral albino goats in Melbourne, Australia. Yawn. What you need is something to liven you up, put some spring in your step, and let loose your inhibitions.

What you need is SOT’s third annual Tox ShowDown.

This quiz game, sponsored, against their better judgment, by the Graduate Student Leadership Committee, poses unanswerable, mind–numbing toxicological (sort of) questions to three teams of unsuspecting contestants. This year they are:

The Endocrine Disruptors: Sarah Lacher, Gary Marchant, Judy Zelikoff

The Free Radicals: Traci Brown, Christine Curran, Josh Gray

The Toxic Metabolites: Mary Beth Genter, Prathap Kuman, Bill Mattes

If you know any of these characters, come on down to the Sheraton Hotel Encanto Room, Tuesday, March 25, 7:30 pm–9:00 pm, to cheer, jeer, or ignore them. Just don’t shout out the answers.

Edward Ohanian will serve as the honorable (hanging) judge.

(Dis) Organized by Phil Wexler and Sue Ford, and based upon a bad dream of Phil’s, this is an evening you will remember, even if you want to forget it.

There will be prizes for contestants and door prizes for the audience. With a cash bar to boot, how can you go wrong? Hell, you might even learn something.

So, throw good sense to the winds and make your presence felt.