Announcing the Winner of the ToXchange Profile Picture Contest


By Jessie Yuhaniak posted 01-15-2015 16:14


As announced in December 2014, the Society of Toxicology has been encouraging every member to upload or update his/her profile picture on ToXchange. To provide additional incentive to do so by the end of 2014, we launched a year-end ToXchange Profile Picture Contest. Every Regional Chapter, Special Interest Group, and Specialty Section was automatically entered in the contest with the goal to achieve the highest percentage of their component group members to upload or update a profile picture by January 1, 2015.

The Prizes

Component groups with the highest percentage of member profile pictures posted by January 1, 2015, will receive an award stipend of $500 as travel support funds to the SOT Annual Meeting—to be dispersed at the discretion of the component group.

As component groups vary in the number of members, three levels of the competition were defined as follows:

A) Component Groups with up to 100 members.

B) Component Groups with 101–200 members.

C) Component Groups with more than 201 members.

The Winners

“Up to 100 members” Winner: South Central Regional Chapter with 40.27% of members’ photos uploaded

“Up to 200 members” Winner: Metals Specialty Section with 41.21% of members’ photos uploaded

“More than 201 members” Winner: Mechanisms Specialty Section with 38.37% of members’ photos uploaded

Congratulations to the winning groups who will receive $500 each in travel support funds to the SOT 2015 Annual Meeting.

A special mention goes to the following component groups who exceeded 35% in members’ photos uploaded:

  • Central States Regional Chapter
  • Clinical and Translational Toxicology Specialty Section
  • Association of Scientists of Indian Origin (ASIO) Special Interest Group
  • Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists (HOT) Special Interest Group
  • Molecular and Systems Biology Specialty Section
  • In Vitro and Alternative Methods Specialty Section
  • Women in Toxicology (WIT) Special Interest Group

If you have not uploaded your profile picture on ToXchange, why not do it now? Go ahead, get recognized! You just might find it to be an “awarding” experience.

Now is the perfect time to post your profile picture, because the closer we get to the Annual Meeting (March 22–26, 2015), the more member searches there are in ToXchange. So put your face with your name, upload your profile picture today! Here’s how:

Go to Your MyPage:

1) From the My Options drop-down in the upper right corner, select MyPage.


2) From your profile page, click on the “My Picture” button at the bottom of the “About this User” box on the right.

This is what your My Page looks like:



















 Update Your Picture!

First, be sure to know where your picture file is located so that you may easily browse and select it to upload.

1) On your MyPage, click the “Actions” button and select “Update Picture.”

2) Click the “Update File” button and browse for the picture file on your computer. You may upload a file as large as 2 MB only (most photos are between 1.0–1.5 MB).

3) Click the OK button to upload your selected picture.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! If you need help, just click on “Help” in the top right of your ToXchange page—OR—just write in your question below and we’ll write a response to help you out. ToXchange—It’s Your Network!