STUDENTS AND POSTDOCS—You Can Benefit Directly by Donating to the Rising Star Campaign!


By Manushree Bharadwaj posted 07-26-2018 12:49



Donate to your scientific community and see immediate returns! Contribute today to the Rising Star Fund!

The Rising Star Annual Fund established in 2018 by the Endowment Fund Board is intended to support the career development needs of SOT graduate students and postdoctoral scholars collectively. It also gives trainees an opportunity to demonstrate that modest, meaningful contributions can result in tangible benefits. The fund is a mechanism to collect small donations from graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to achieve specific, peer-identified objectives and to promote engagement of students and postdoctoral scholars in the Society.

We are seeking donations from the postdoc and student members through December 31, 2018, and suggest a $20 donation, or other amounts as you are able. The funds collected during March–December 2018 will be used to buy a year-long subscription to the American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Career Development Courses (March 2019–2020). This online library offers access to courses, programs, and tools to help scientists launch and further their careers. One course offering, “Best Practices for Writing NIH Grant Proposals," explores the National Institutes of Health (NIH) organization and review process, how to place research goals in the context of funding agency priorities, explains types of funding and how to locate these funding opportunities, and gives an understanding of the five standard review criteria and NIH specific aims. A diversity of additional AAAS courses are available including, how to build your professional networks, designing an undergraduate STEM course, preparing for job interviews, identifying career options available to you, and so much more!  

Depending upon the amount collected, a number of seats will be purchased, and postdocs and students will be given access to the many Career Development Courses. It is our pleasure to announce that donations are already being made, and the list of the contributors is being appreciatively presented on the SOT Website.

I also wanted to share my personal motivation behind contributing to the Rising Star Fund. I have personally benefited from other’s generosity, which allowed me to receive a travel award to attend my first SOT Annual Meeting in 2016. The SOT Endowment Fund has made a lasting, positive impact on my career. I felt that it was important for me to give back to the Society so that others can benefit from my contribution.

On behalf of the PDA Executive Board, I hope you will donate so everyone can make use of this exciting opportunity that otherwise would cost a lot. Joining together, we can do more than we can do alone. Contribute today to the Rising Star Fund!  Please login and donate or download the donation form to make a gift to the Rising Star 2018-2019 Annual Fund.