Undergraduate Educator Network Webinar Recordings Available


By Joshua Gray posted 02-06-2014 13:04


The SOT Education Committee Undergraduate Education Subcommittee announces that recorded Undergraduate Educator Network Webinars are now available. The presentation slides also are posted for review.

The first webinar was “Having it All: Teaching, Research, and Service at a Small Liberal Arts College: a Toxicologist’s Perspective” presented by Larissa Williams of Bates College. She discussed challenges, opportunities, and strategies for success. Panelists Gregory Hall, US Coast Guard Academy, Eli Hestermann of Furman University, and Eva Oberdorster, Southern Methodist University, provided perspectives based on experiences at their institutions.

In the recent webinar “Education and Enrichment Activities for Educators,” Sue Ford, St. John’s University, provided an overview of meetings, workshops, journals, and other resources for faculty to strengthen their abilities to enhance learning outcomes and increase student-centered learning. Pamela Hanson of Alabama Southern University provided insight into the acquisition of grant resources for faculty and examples of funded projects that succeed in increasing student engagement in research and interdisciplinary approaches. Diane Hardej, St. John’s University, and Joshua Gray, US Coast Guard Academy, described pedagogical workshops in which they had participated.

A third webinar “Innovative Uses of Technology for Teaching Toxicology” will occur in April. Angela Slitt, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island, will describe the use of Twitter in a freshman course focusing on the problems of toxicology and how to communicate toxicology to the broader community. She will be joined by other presenters who will discuss the use of other technological tools. If you are interested in participating as a discussant during this webinar, please contact me at Joshua P. Gray to volunteer.