Antonio T. Baines Receives 2016 SOT Undergraduate Educator Award


By Raul Suarez posted 02-22-2016 12:43


Antonio T. Baines, PhD, is the recipient of the 2016 SOT Undergraduate Educator Award. Dr. Baines is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences in the Cancer Research Program of the Julius L. Chambers Biomedical/Biotechnology Research Institute at North Carolina Central University, where he has demonstrated his passion for both teaching and research. He has a full schedule teaching undergraduate courses in Scientific Writing, Introductory Biology, General Biology, Introduction to Research, and a graduate-level course in Toxicology. Moreover, he maintains an active research program.

v2 Antonio Baines.jpgAntionio T. Baines Receives 2016 SOT Undergraduate Educator Award

Always seeking to inspire and motivate his students, he serves as co-advisor to his department’s Biology Society, a student organization for undergraduate biology and STEM majors, where he works with and supports students to gain summer clinical and research experience. He ensures his STEM majors are exposed to various opportunities to engage and encourage their scientific development. His passion and devotion to teaching is evident through regularly organized special seminars sessions at which prominent speakers from academia, government, and industry are invited to interact with his undergraduates, discuss their respective fields, and provide additional enrichment for the students. 

Dr. Baines routinely is found surrounded by students in his laboratory teaching critical thinking skills aligned with his research program.  He also serves as the Director of the Historically Minority Research Institution Research Initiative at UNC. Dr. Baines has established himself with a solid track record of propelling students into future biomedical positions. He serves as an excellent role model to his students through his dedication as a teacher, researcher, scientific mentor, and student advisor. Moreover, he recently was recognized as being one of the top professors at an Historically Black College and University and received the University Teaching Award of Excellence, both testaments of his vital contributions to the advancement of science.  

Dr. Baines had his first experiences with toxicology through the 1993 SOT Undergraduate Program. He has continued to contribute to the program as a peer mentor and for a number of years has provided the introductory toxicology presentation for the program. He continually strives to bring underrepresented undergraduate students a memorable and fun educational experience. He can frequently be seen “paying it forward” with students at the SOT Annual Meeting ensuring they can derive the same exposure and inspiration that he once encountered. Antonio Baines is a role model for his students and colleagues because he reflects so many of the qualities that a well-rounded university professor should demonstrate.

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