SOT Welcomes 672 New Members this Year Through June 2013


By John Lipscomb posted 06-20-2013 14:44


The Society of Toxicology congratulates our members who have upgraded their membership level and welcomes 672 new members this year, including 250 Full members, 87 Associate members, 130 Postdoctoral members, and 205 Graduate Student members. New members are part of the worldwide SOT network of more than 7,700 members from 60 countries. Members from academic institutions, industry, government, and other scientific organizations are committed to SOT’s vision of “creating a safer and healthier world by advancing the science of toxicology.” You can view the full listing of new members through June 2013* on the SOT website.

A special thank you to all the Full members who sponsored new Full and Associate members as well as to the research advisors and mentors who sponsored new Graduate Student and Postdoctoral members this year.  Your sponsorship of these new members continues to build and sustain a strong and vibrant society. Thank you!

*New members through June 2013 reflect those that were approved for membership as a result of applications completed and submitted by January 1 and May 1 of  this year.


John Lipscomb
Council Contact
SOT Membership Committee