2015 International ToxScholar Grants Awarded for Presentations in Ukraine and Nigeria

By Vicente Santa Cruz posted 07-10-2015 06:12


The Society of Toxicology (SOT) Education Committee has selected two additional toxicologists for International ToxScholar funding to visit institutions in developing countries to promote education and careers in toxicology. The next program application date is October 9 so this is a good time to begin exploring opportunities for future visits.

Andrey Korchevskiy, Chemical and Industrial Hygiene, Inc., will visit Ternopil State Medical University in the Ukraine next October. About 200 graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members are expected to participate in an eight-hour lecture course in English and Russian dedicated to advances in asbestos toxicology and health risk assessment. In a country that is in transition politically and economically, a new generation of toxicology professionals is needed. The issue of asbestos exposure in the country is a good topic to illustrate the role of toxicology as an advanced, multi-disciplinary, theoretically solid, and widely applied field of study leading to many career opportunities in toxicology and health risk assessment.  

Chudy Nduaka, Pfizer, Inc., will go to Vom, Nigeria, during August. The African Education Initiative and National Veterinary Research Institute conduct a three-month summer intern program and this year there are six interns from Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria. He will present a keynote address to the interns, faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students; it is anticipated that about 150 people will be present. Dr. Nduaka also will confer with the interns before they present their research.

Two others trips funded by this program in 2014-2015 were highlighted in recent blogs. Michael Peterson and Patrick Allard described their trips to Nepal and South Africa/Kenya, respectively. Other blogs describe additional International ToxScholar trips.