SOT's Job Bank Is At Your Service

By Martha Lindauer posted 08-03-2012 13:52


The Society’s Job Bank makes it easy for candidates and employers alike to access this year-round, service anytime, anyplace via the SOT website. This forum links job candidates with employment positions in toxicology and related biological sciences. The Job Bank allows you to:

  • Post employment positions;
  • Register as an employer or candidate (members register as candidates for FREE!);
  • Search the Job Bank database; and
  • Contact candidates or employers.

Candidates can gain access to a variety of positions suited to their experience, areas of expertise, and desired geographical location. Posting resumes in this readily accessible Job Bank allows employers to review resumes and determine an appropriate match for the positions available.

Employers from corporate, academic, governmental, and nonprofit organizations can attract potential candidates in a targeted and cost-effective manner through this SOT service. By having access to detailed candidate resumes, employers can determine the right match for a specific position and expedite the recruitment process. SOT Affiliates use this system at a reduced rate in appreciation of their commitment to helping further the objectives of the Society.

The online service provides a year-round mechanism for linking job candidates with employment positions in toxicology and related biological sciences. The system stores information submitted by its users and permits searches in categories such as: years of experience, types of experience, areas of expertise, type of position, type of employer, salary, and geographical location. The system has two options for users wishing to remain anonymous: The first option allows users to keep their identity hidden by selecting the “confidential” preference on the profile form. The second option allows users to simply register and pay for the service, skip the profile form and proceed directly to the search and browse menu options. Employers will not be able to search for candidates in this category. Contact with another user of the Service is made via an email message created from within the system. You may also contact these companies or candidates directly by telephone or fax.

Registrations will be valid for four months and all users may access the system as often as they wish. If your registration is valid during the Annual Meeting dates, March 10–14, 2013, you will be able to take advantage of the traditional Career Resource and Development Services offered at the Annual Meeting.