Expert Registration for Chat with an Expert Ends Soon!


By David Rossé posted 02-26-2014 14:13


The Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC) Chat with an Expert program provides the opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to meet with expert toxicologists at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

During the registration process,experts will choose a date, time, and location for the meeting that is convenient for their schedule. Graduate students and postdocs will then be able to select experts based on research, professional interests, and time availability. Each expert will be assigned no more than three students, and will receive brief backgrounds on the assigned students before the meeting. The meeting can include a meal (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), be a chat over coffee or snack, or simply an informal meeting in a relatively quiet area of the convention center. If an expert decides to meet during meal times, each person in the group is responsible for his or her meal expense.

Experts: Experts are asked to register by close of business on Friday, February 28. Expert toxicologists can register online (if you have already registered, the link will take you to the SOT 2014 Annual Meeting website):

Students and Postdocs: Registration will open on Monday, March 4.

For more information on Chat with an Expert, please visit the SOT website.


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