International ToxScholar Outreach Grant Applications Due June 3

By Vicente Santa Cruz posted 05-07-2015 14:52


Have you thought about being a toxicology envoy to an academic institution in a part of the world where toxicology programs might not be abundant? Check the Developing Country list and see if you have contacts in one of those countries who might host your visit, develop your plan, ask for a letter of invitation, and then submit your application for the Society of Toxicology (SOT) International ToxScholar Outreach Grant. The next deadline is June 3.

This program provides up to $1,250 support for an SOT member to visit an institution in a Developing Country. The goal of the visit would be to increase awareness of educational and career opportunities in toxicology. The ToxScholar would make formal and informal presentations to undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty at an academic institution. The applicant is encouraged to seek additional support, for example, through SOT’s Global Initiatives Funds, the appropriate SOT Special Interest Group, employers, and/or the academic institutions involved.

Recent International ToxScholar visits have been to Nepal, Botswana, South Africa, India, and Sierre Leone; articles describing these activities are linked to the ToxScholar webpage.

Applications also may be submitted for the fall awards deadline of October 9, 2015.