Call for Nominations: Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section (OPHSS) Paper of the Year Award


By Janice Lee posted 06-06-2019 10:44


The OPHSS Paper of the Year Award is given annually to research groups who embody the OPHSS mission—to advance the integration of exposure, toxicological and epidemiological principles, and research approaches in addressing occupational, environmentally related, and public health issues. We are encouraging SOT members to nominate papers that meet the following criteria (including self-nominated papers):

  • The paper must be published in a peer-reviewed journal during 2019.
  • Papers eligible for award consideration must include at least one author who is a member of SOT.
  • The subject matter must pertain to occupational, environmental, or public health. The paper can be published in journals related to occupational, environmental, and public health topics. However, SOT members also are encouraged to nominate high-quality papers that may be published in other specialized journals if the subject matter fits the scope of consideration.
  • The submission deadline is December 31.

Winners will receive a plaque at the Specialty Section meeting/reception.

Please send your nominations (including self-nominations) to Janice Lee or Nicole Olgun.