CDI Is Recruiting Mentors for 2019 Undergraduate Diversity Program: Applications Due January 18


By Irene Abraham posted 01-10-2019 14:13



The Committee on Diversity Initiatives (CDI) is seeking volunteers interested in assisting with the 2019 Undergraduate Diversity Program March 9‒11, 2019, in conjunction with the SOT Annual Meeting. The goal of the program is to recruit students from diverse backgrounds to graduate school in the biomedical sciences, especially toxicology. The 37 undergraduate students accepted for the program will be organized into groups, each with a host mentor and a peer mentor (graduate student or postdoc), who are the important connectors for these students from Saturday evening through Monday. Additional volunteers will lead groups Monday afternoon to visit posters and Scientific Sessions. This effort is coordinated by CDI members Frederic Moulin, Christopher Stewart, Samantha Snow (postdoctoral representative), and Katie Chiang (graduate representative).

Volunteers interested in participating as mentors and/or poster group leaders are encouraged to complete the brief application form to indicate their interest and availability before January 18, 2019. There are a limited number of mentor and poster leader positions available; those who volunteer will be notified of the outcome later in January. 

In addition to attending meeting sessions, participants in the Undergraduate Diversity Program engage in presentations and case studies across the breadth of toxicology, gain knowledge about education and career opportunities in the field, and learn more about the requirements for graduate school and a research career. As they develop comfort with their mentors, students not only explore questions about toxicology but also learn what careers in this field are like, how to succeed, and strategies for work/life balance in science.

The Sunday portion of the Undergraduate Program is open to any undergraduate student who registers for this event through the Annual Meeting registration. Mentors recruited for Sunday only are linked with these students.

Poster group leaders facilitate visits of the Undergraduate Diversity Program participants to Monday afternoon Scientific Sessions and posters. Each leader will serve as a facilitator for a group of about five students from 1:30 pm to 3:10 pm.

CDI will hold a Mentor Orientation webinar in February that will review mentoring information and tips and help you connect with your group of students in advance to get acquainted and discuss your Annual Meeting activities. Poster group leaders will receive additional information by email.

Questions? Contact Zainab Mohsini at SOT Headquarters.

The Committee on Diversity Initiatives thanks you for your commitment to and interest in mentoring the next generation of scientists.