SOT 2015 Undergraduate Educator Award: Recognizes Leaders in Building for the Future of Toxicology

By Raul Suarez posted 09-25-2014 09:36


v2 Drs. Atchisoin and Germolec Undergraduate Educator.jpgUndergraduate Educators deserve recognition! Apply for or nominate an outstanding undergraduate educator for the 2015 Society of Toxicology (SOT) Undergraduate Educator Award by visiting the Awards and Fellowships section of the SOT website.  First awarded at the SOT 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting in 2011, this SOT Award is presented to an SOT member who is distinguished by outstanding contributions to the teaching of undergraduate students in toxicology and toxicology-related areas, and whose efforts support SOT's Strategic Priority to "Build for the Future of Toxicology."  Sponsored by the SOT Endowment Fund, this award consists of a plaque that is presented at the SOT Annual Meeting Award Ceremony and an award stipend. Pictured at the left is 2011–2014 SOT Councilor Dori R. Germolec (left) presenting the SOT 2014 Undergraduate Educator Award to William D. Atchison (right).

A qualified undergraduate educator may either apply directly for the award or be nominated by others, including the Education Committee. Items required in the application/nomination documents include:

  • Summary of career teaching responsibilities with specifics for the past three years, including descriptive information such as course assignments, numbers of students enrolled, etc.
  • Evidence of teaching accomplishment (institution, student, or other teaching recognition).
  • Demonstration of participation in the advancement of the SOT educational mission (such as committee and project involvement).
  • Evidence of scholarship of teaching such as:
    • Publications including instructional materials such as textbooks, textbook chapters, lab activities, case studies, and education-related articles in newsletters and journals.
    • Presentations related to undergraduate teaching and pedagogy.
    • Contributions to regional or national education efforts including attendance at, presentations for, and/or leadership of institutional, community, and professional meetings and workshops.
  •  Student outcomes, such as evidence of impact on students and career path (for example, number of students who have completed graduate school, presented abstracts or published papers, attended regional or national professional meetings).

The nominee (either by self or by others) should be a member of SOT and have a faculty appointment with primary responsibilities in the teaching of undergraduates. In addition, the nominee should have a distinguished undergraduate teaching record and have made significant contributions to undergraduate education in toxicology.

Whether self-nominated or nominated by the Education Committee or others, the application should include:

  • Letter of support from Full member of the Society.
  • Letter of support from campus administrative official.
  • Curriculum vitae of nominee.

Both letters of support should provide documentation of undergraduate teaching and training accomplished by the nominee and analyze the significant contributions made by the nominee to undergraduate toxicology education.

As the application deadline is October 9, please take the necessary time to apply or make your nomination today!

Undergraduate Educator Award Recipients 

  • 2011 Joan. B. Tarloff
  • 2012 Sue M. Ford
  • 2013 Sidhartha D. Ray
  • 2014 William D. Atchison