SOT Meeting Successes and Feedback Guide Future Planning


By Betty Eidemiller posted 03-24-2016 07:28


The results of the Annual Meeting Survey are reviewed carefully by Council, Committee members, and staff as plans are developed for future programming and locations, so we encourage attendees to complete the SOT 2016 Annual Meeting Survey by no later than Monday, April 11, 2016.  Each year we are fortunate to receive responses from a good proportion of Annual Meeting attendees, and your response guarantees that your views will be represented.

We appreciate the praise and review with care your recommendations for enhancements. Please let us hear from you about strengthening the Society’s efforts—from the scientific and featured sessions to the Continuing Education courses and the opportunities for networking and collaboration as well. We appreciate your dedication to the Society and responding to the survey is a demonstration of your commitment to the future of toxicology.