2015 Global Senior Scholar Hosts Announced


By Vicente Santa Cruz posted 10-16-2014 14:49


The two 2015  Society of Toxicology (SOT) Global Senior Scholars are now putting plans in place for their visits to the United States next spring, which will include presenting posters at the SOT 2015 Annual Meeting as well as an extended exchange visit to the campuses of their Hosts.

The number of host applications has increased year-by-year even though the application is not simple and the commitment of time on the part of the Host is considerable. The Education Committee reviewed very strong applications this year and is pleased by the strength of Scholar and Host applications and the outcomes from the exchanges funded previously.

Sunisa Chaiklieng is an Assistant Professor of Occupational Health in the Department of Environmental Health Science and Occupational Health at Khon Kaen University in Muang, Thailand, and will be hosted by Norbert Kaminski at Michigan State University. Dr. Chaiklieng met Dr. Kaminski previously as he organizes and teaches a graduate level immunotoxicology and endocrine disruption short course every other year at the Chulabhorn Research Institute, Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Kaminiski has served on a thesis advisory committee for a Thai student, hosted a professor from Thailand during his sabbatical, and now has a former graduate student on the faculty at Chulabhorn Research Institute. Dr. Chaiklieng will have the opportunity to participate in the exploration of molecular mechanisms by which xenobiotics modulate the immune system, to expand her knowledge in the various topics explored in Dr. Kaminski’s lab, to learn immunological techniques that can support her research interests, and to engage in the many seminar series that are held on campus.

Deepak Dhakal is in the Department of Chemistry, Institute of Science and Technology at Tribhuvan University, Patan, Nepal. His exchange experience will be at University of Pittsburgh with Aaron Barchowsky. Dr. Barchowsky envisions that the intellectual exchange with Mr. Dhakal will enrich the University’s programs in environmental and global health sciences as well as Tribhuvan University in Nepal. He is planning a workshop focusing on state-of-the-art environmental sampling techniques and risk assessment in Nepal. This workshop will inform participants on the true state of environmental contamination and risks encountered in Nepal, the current state of environmental health practice, and the research needs to improve environmental health, especially protection from toxic chemical exposure. A second goal will be to establish collaborations through which Mr. Dhakal can increase the research capacity at his institution in Nepal and enrich his Master’s program in Occupational Health and Safety. Mr. Dhakal is President of the National Society of Toxicology (Nepal). In addition to his interaction with SOT, he will likely be involved with the Allegheny-Erie Regional Chapter during his time in Pennsylvania; this exchange will include collaboration between SOT and the National Society of Toxicology in supporting the discipline of toxicology around the globe.

More information, including descriptions of previous activities, is found on the Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program section of the SOT website.