Invitation to Participate in SOT "Chat with an Expert" in San Diego


By David Rossé posted 02-19-2015 16:07


The Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC) invites members to participate in this year’s “Chat with an Expert" (CWAE) program in San Diego!

If you are an expert, postdoc, or student who wish to sign up  for "Chat with an Expert," and you missed the registration period (December 15 to January 31 for expert toxicologists and postdocs who want to host a session with a graduate student; February 1 through February 28 for students and postdocs who wish to meet with an expert toxicologist), you may still sign up at the "Chat with an Expert" poster, which will be located in the @SOT area of the Convention Center (registration level).

Experts may provide information for the informal meeting/chat that is convenient for their schedule on the poster. Graduate students and postdocs will then be able to select experts based on their time availability.

The meeting can be a chat over coffee or snack, or simply an informal meeting in a relatively quiet area of the Convention Center.

For more information on "Chat with an Expert," please visit the SOT website.