BTSS Webinar—Navigating from Job Search through On-Site Interview: Perspectives from Hiring Managers and A Recruiter


By Janice Lansita posted 09-07-2017 14:54


Submitted by Janice A. Lansita, BTSS President 

The Biotechnology Specialty Section (BTSS) Executive Committee is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar titled, “Navigating from Job Search through On-Site Interview: Perspectives from Hiring Managers and A Recruiter" to be held on October 6, 2017, at 12:00 pm Eastern Time.

This webinar is designed to provide career guidance to early career toxicologists interested in industrial jobs. Many candidates have the technical skills required for an industrial position. However, many are unaware of the recruiting process, resources for searching for the right job, and what to expect during the conversation with the hiring managers and their team. In universities, there are plenty of resources for students who are preparing their CV/resume for academic careers. However, guidance for early career scientists preparing their CV/resume for industrial careers is frequently limited.

Hence, BTSS has organized this webinar with the following objectives:

  1. Provide guidance on tailoring a CV, resume, and cover letter to industry jobs: what a hiring manager will look for in the CV/resume; and how to make a catchy resume.
  2. Provide guidance and resources for a job search in industry. A recruiter will present their process for hunting for the right candidates; what they look for in applications; and how candidates should prepare themselves to crack that first barrier.
  3. Discuss how to prepare for telephone and on-site interviews: what to expect during these interviews; and what your prospective team is looking for in you. 


  • Anne Chester, Gilead Sciences
  • Amanda Rose, Battelle
  • Amy Sharma, Amgen


  • Vijay P. Kale, Battelle

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