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By Robert Roth posted 11-15-2018 11:27


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“Be thankful, and give back by supporting your favorite SOT Endowment Fund.”

The Endowment Fund was established in 2006 to aid in achieving the Society’s strategic objectives by providing stable, long-term financial support that complements revenues from dues and other sources. The overall Endowment Fund comprises many funds, each with its own specific objective. Among these are three SOT Mission Funds. The Global Activities Mission Fund supports opportunities for students and senior scientists to engage in forums that enhance public health in developing countries by increasing understanding and management of environmental risks. The Education Mission Fund promotes awareness of our discipline among undergraduate students and involvement of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in SOT and its activities. This is accomplished through travel awards and educational initiatives. The Strategic Priorities Mission Fund helps support activities articulated in the SOT strategic plan aimed at fostering collaboration through various forums, enhancing the profile of toxicology in the broader scientific community, and providing outreach to federal agencies and Congress to support the discipline of toxicology.

In addition to these SOT Mission Funds, there are 46 “Named Funds” administered mostly by various Component Groups within the Society. Most of these provide awards to deserving trainees and thereby encourage engagement of young scientists with SOT and its activities. To achieve “permanent endowment status,” each Named Fund must achieve at least $50,000 in assets within three years of inception. New this calendar year are four Named Funds that include the Bruce A. Fowler Global Chemicals Toxicity Fund, the Rising Star Annual Fund, The Legacy Travel Award Fund, and the Future of Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Fund. Currently, the latter two funds, plus last year’s Mitzi and Prakash Nagarkatti Research Excellence in Immunotoxicology Award Fund, are striving to meet the goal of attaining permanent status.

Many of us consider donations to worthwhile causes and organizations during so-called Giving Season as the calendar year draws to a close. As a member of the Society who appreciates the many contributions that SOT makes to enhance and promote the discipline of toxicology, we hope that you will consider a donation to one of the Endowment Funds this year. In making a gift, you will be joining hundreds of your fellow toxicologists in supporting a platform that will be continued in perpetuity. Information about specific Endowment Funds and how to make a donation can be found in the SOT Endowment Fund section of the SOT website. If you have questions, contact Martha Malone.

Please support your SOT Endowment Fund!

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