SOT 2015 Enhancement of Animal Welfare Award–Nominate Someone Today!

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The Society of Toxicology (SOT) Enhancement of Animal Welfare Award is presented annually to a member of the Society in recognition of contributions made to the advancement of toxicological science through the development and application of methods that replace, refine, or reduce the need for experimental animals. This award recognizes outstanding or significant contributions made by members of SOT to the scientifically sound and responsible use of animals in research. The achievement recognized may be either a seminal piece of work or a long-term contribution to toxicological science and animal welfare. Pictured at the right: 2013 SOT Enhancement of Animal Welfare Award recipient Martin L. Stephens (left) receiving this honor from 2011–2013 SOT Councilor Donald A. Fox (right).

As with most SOT Awards, nominations for the Enhancement of Animal Welfare Award should include the nominee’s abbreviated curriculum vitae (CV) and both a primary and seconding letter of nomination from Full Members of the Society. Please remember to include documentation and description of the significant contributions to toxicology by the nominee. Moreover, please note that letters of nomination should include an analysis and discussion of the importance of the contributions made and how the nominee meets the award criteria. Letters simply stating accomplishments found in the CV are insufficient.

If you know an SOT Member who has advanced the welfare of research animals or made other major contributions to public awareness of research animals in Toxicology, please take a moment to nominate him or her for this award today. To nominate yourself or a colleague, please visit the SOT Awards and Fellowships page on the SOT website. Nominations will be accepted online through October 9, 2014.

SOT Enhancement of Animal Welfare Award Winners

• 2000 Yves Alarie

• 2001 Alan Goldberg

• 2002 Gary Williams

• 2003 Frank G. Gerberick and Ian Kimber

• 2005 Daniel Acosta

• 2006 William S. Stokes

• 2007 Thomas Hartung

• 2009 Sally Robinson

• 2010 Leonard M. Schechtman

• 2013 Martin L. Stephens



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