Celebrate a Lifetime of Contributions to Toxicology–Nominate a Colleague for the 2015 Merit Award

v2Jay Goodman and Norbert Kaminski.jpgThe Society of Toxicology (SOT) has been dedicated to recognizing exceptional members with the SOT Merit Award for over 45 years. This award is presented to a member of the Society that has distinguished him/herself from among their peers through a lifetime of contributions to the field of Toxicology, specifically in the areas of research, teaching, regulatory activities, consulting and service to the Society.

The 2014 award recipient was Jay I. Goodman, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Faculty Member, Center for Environmental Toxicology, Michigan State University. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology and a Fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences. His research interests are focused on discerning epigenetic mechanisms underlying carcinogenesis and other chemical–induced toxicities, and testing the hypothesis that the capacity to maintain the normal epigenetic status is related inversely to susceptibility to carcinogenesis. Pictured at the right is SOT 2014 Merit Award recipient Jay I. Goodman (left) and SOT 2014–2015 President Norbert E. Kaminski (right).

Similar to many SOT Awards, nominations for the Merit Award require a primary and seconding letter of nomination from Full members of the Society that include documentation and description of the significant contributions to toxicology by the nominee as well as the nominee’s current curriculum vitae (CV). Please note that letters simply listing accomplishments found in the CV are not sufficient without analysis and discussion of the important contributions and how the nominee meets the award criteria.

If you know a colleague that deserves to be recognized, please begin the nomination process today by visiting the Awards and Fellowships section of the SOT website! While nominations are accepted through October 9, 2014, you will need to take the time to put together the nomination materials. Nominations can be submitted for scientists who have made significant contributions to toxicology in the areas of research, teaching, regulatory activities, consulting and service to the Society. This award will be presented at the SOT Awards Ceremony that will be held at the 2015 SOT Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

Previous SOT Merit Award Recipients

• 1966 Henry F. Smyth, Jr.

• 1967 Arnold J. Lehman

• 1968 R. T. Williams

• 1969 Harold C. Hodge

• 1970 Don D. Irish

• 1971 Kenneth P. DuBois

• 1972 O. Garth Fitzhugh

• 1973 Herbert E. Stokinger

• 1974 William B. Deichmann

• 1975 Frederick Coulston

• 1976 Verald K. Rowe

• 1977 Harry W. Hays

• 1978 Julius M. Coon

• 1979 David W. Fassett

• 1980 Bernard L. Oser

• 1981 John H. Weisburger

• 1982 Harold M. Peck

• 1983 Perry J. Gehring

• 1984 Tom S. Miya

• 1985 Carrol S. Weil

• 1986 Ted A. Loomis

• 1987 Bo Holmstedt

• 1988 Seymour L. Friess

• 1989 Wayland J. Hayes, Jr.

• 1990 Sheldon D. Murphy

• 1991 Toshio Narahashi

• 1992 W. Norman Aldridge

• 1993 John Doull

• 1994 Ernest Hodgson

• 1995 Robert A. Scala

• 1996 Gabriel L. Plaa

• 1997 Mary O. Amdur

• 1998 John A. Thomas

• 1999 Thomas Clarkson

• 2000 Philippe Shubik

• 2001 Donald Reed

• 2002 Bernard Schwetz

• 2003 M. W. Anders

• 2004 Robert Goyer

• 2005 Roger McClellan

• 2006 A. Wallace Hayes

• 2007 James A. Swenberg

• 2008 Hanspeter Witschi

• 2009 Gary Williams

• 2010 Marion F. Ehrich

• 2011 Michael Aschner

• 2012 Curtis D. Klaassen

• 2013 Frederick Peter Guengerich

• 2014 Jay I. Goodman



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