Toxicological Sciences, January 2015, Vol. 143, No.1 Now Available Online

The January 2015, Vol. 143, No. 1 issue of Toxicological Sciences (ToxSci) is now available online. To have the email Table of Contents (eTOC) alerts delivered to you as well as Advance Access notification of the latest papers and research in Toxicological Sciences as soon as they are The Current Issueaccepted and posted to the website, register online.

This issue includes an Editorial, Data Sharing in Toxicology: Beyond Show and Tell, by ToxSci Editor-in-Chief Gary W. Miller. He writes that: "In the past several months I have participated in numerous discussions about data sharing. It reminded me of kindergarten. The teacher would ask the students to bring in objects for “show and tell.” I recall proudly showing some artifact of childhood to my peers. I would beam as my friends acknowledge the treasure I beheld with “oohs” and “ahhs.” Yet, minutes later when a friend asks to hold it or play I would reflexively wince as a wave of unease washed over me. What happened? I had something very exciting to share with my friends. Why did I bristle at the logical step of letting my friends experience what I had? ... The kindergarten days are long gone. We have had to move on in adulthood with more responsibilities and fewer naps and recesses. Toxicology has also grown up. Our tools have changed. We now have transcriptomics, proteomics, lipidomics, two-photon microscopy, computational toxicology, and systems biology. Just because these new approaches generate massive amounts of data doesn’t absolve the investigator from providing access to their data. In fact, when we rely on extraordinarily large data sets it becomes even more important to provide the field with access to the data so that the work can be checked." The full Editorial is freely accessible.

The four highlighted papers in Look Inside ToxSci in this issue are provided below.

Dioxin Exposure Blocks Lactation through a Direct Effect on Mammary Epithelial Cells Mediated by the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Repressor by Kaitlin J. Basham, Christopher J. Leonard, Collin Kieffer, Dawne N. Shelton, Maria E. McDowell, Vasudev R. Bhonde, Ryan E. Looper, and Bryan E. Welm

Synchrotron-Based Imaging of Chromium and γ-H2AX Immunostaining in the Duodenum Following Repeated Exposure to Cr(VI) in Drinking Water by Chad M. Thompson, Jennifer Seiter, Mark A. Chappell, Ryan V. Tappero, Deborah M. Proctor, Mina Suh, Jeffrey C. Wolf, Laurie C. Haws, Rock Vitale, Liz Mittal, Christopher R. Kirman, Sean M. Hays, and Mark A. Harris 

Tungsten Targets the Tumor Microenvironment to Enhance Breast Cancer Metastasis by Alicia M. Bolt, Valérie Sabourin, Manuel Flores Molina, Alice M. Police, Luis Fernando Negro Silva, Dany Plourde, Maryse Lemaire, Josie Ursini-Siegel, and Koren K. Mann

Study of Blood and Brain Lithium Pharmacokinetics in the Rat According to Three Different Modalities of Poisoning by Anne-Sophie Hanak, Lucie Chevillard, Souleiman El Balkhi, Patricia Risède, Katell Peoc’h, and Bruno Mégarbane 

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