ToxSci February 2016 Issue Online: Reproducibility, Rigor, and Research Productivity in Big Data Era

The February 2016, Vol. 149, No.2 issue of Toxicological Sciences (ToxSci) is now available online. To have the email Table of Contents (eTOC) delivered to you as well as Advance Access notification of the latest papers and research in ToxSci as soon as these articles are accepted and posted to the website, register online.

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ToxSci Editor-in-Chief Gary W. Miller and his colleague Lawrence A. Waller have written an editorial for this issue, More than Manuscripts: Reproducibility, Rigor, and Research Productivity in the Big Data Era, which is freely accessible. Drs. Miller and Waller note that:

“The rapid advances in novel measurement technologies, fast processing algorithms, distributed computing, and cloud applications all lead to scientific inquiry based on observations defining the “3 Vs” of big data: volume (big), velocity (fast computing allows fast measurement), and variety (data linked from multiple sources). An increasing number of high-profile studies not only involve data from the authors’ experiments but also relate to data obtained from multiple sources, processed together in an analytic pipeline. The time and effort involved in identifying data sources, obtaining relevant data elements, linking data from disparate sources, and curating the final analytic data set (“data wrangling” or “data munging”) is considerable, and can often be difficult to recreate." As described in Dr. Miller's January 2016 editorial, Toxicological Sciences now is partnering with Dryad Digital Repository ( to help make data accessible.

Please also Look Inside ToxSci to read the "Editor's Highlights" prepared by ToxSci EIC Dr. Miller as well as Associate Editors Jeffrey M. Peters, Marc Pallardy, and Ronald N. Hines.  

The mission of ToxSci, the official journal of the Society of Toxicology, is to publish the most influential research in the field of toxicology.

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