CSR Reinstates Special Emphasis Panel:Environmental Health and Toxicology Grant Applications

mdwbrgcw.jpgDear SOT Members,

I am forwarding a message received from Seymour Garte of the Center for Scientific Review (CSR) announcing that the Special Emphasis Panel (SEP) called Systemic Injury by Environmental Exposure (SIEE) has been reinstated to review grant applications “in the fields of Environmental Health and Toxicology.”  SOT leadership worked with the CSR for a number of years regarding the need for a Study Section focused on toxicology.  This is the next step in that process and builds on the efforts and accomplishments of many individuals. You are encouraged to submit your proposals to this SIEE and the guidelines for submission are included in Dr. Garte’s message below.

Thank you,

William Slikker Jr., PhD, ATS
2012-2013 SOT President


Systemic Injury by Environmental Exposure (SIEE)

On January 13, 2012, an expert Working Group met in Bethesda to advise CSR on how to proceed with the review of grant applications in the fields of Environmental Health and Toxicology. That Working Group agreed on a recommendation to reconstitute the Special Emphasis Panel called Systemic Injury by Environmental Exposure as a chartered Study Section in the DKUS IRG. The Working Group also developed a set of guidelines to define the scope of the new study section.

Following the Working Group meeting, senior staff at CSR have discussed and considered these recommendations. One consideration was that new Study Sections are generally established directly after the successful conclusion of a trial SEP. Since it has been three years since the final meeting of the SIEE trial SEP, it has been decided to reconstitute SIEE as a SEP, to meet for 1 to 3 review cycles, before moving on to request permanent chartered status. This will give the scientific community time to generate and submit a sufficient number of high quality applications for review, and will give CSR and its Advisory Council sufficient data to ensure the viability of the new Study Section in the current timeframe. Meanwhile, the new SEP will function as a regular study section dedicated to review of environmental health and toxicology applications.

At this point, CSR staff has begun the process of preparation for the return of SIEE, including recruitment of reviewers, setting dates for meetings, etc. We anticipate the first meeting to be in February 2013, to review applications submitted for the October/November, 2012 deadlines.

We encourage potential applicants in the field of toxicology and environmental health sciences to consider submitting applications directed to this study section, and to view the new guidelines for SIEE:


Applicants are strongly advised to include a cover letter asking for their applications to be reviewed in the SIEE Special Emphasis Panel (SEP). The future success of this study section will largely depend on the response from the research community in this vital discipline. Best of luck to all applicants.

Seymour Garte, Ph.D.

Division of Physiological and Pathological Sciences
Center for Scientific Review
National Institutes of Health
6701 Rockledge Dr. MSC 7812
Bethesda MD 20892
Fax 301.480.2644



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