Nominate a Deserving Member for the 2017 SOT Achievement Award

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) Achievement Award is presented to a member of SOT who, within 15 years of obtaining his or her highest earned degree, has made significant contributions to toxicology. One of the longest standing SOT Awards, it was first conferred in 1967 and its recipients have achieved success not only early but also throughout their careers. 

v22016 Achievement AwardAleksunesandMorris.jpg

Lauren Aleksunes (left) is presented with the SOT 2016 Achievement Award for her early career accomplishments by SOT 2016–2017 President John B.  Morris.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you know a colleague who is within 15 years of receiving his or her highest degree in 2017 (e.g., MD, PhD, DVM received in 2002 or later), please take the time to nominate that individual this summer. 

Similar to many of the SOT Awards, nominations for the Achievement Award should include the nominee’s abbreviated CV and both a primary and seconding letter of nomination from Full members of the Society. These letters should provide in layman’s terms an analysis of how the nominee's significant contributions to toxicology apply to the award criteria. 

Make this a summer to remember: nominate a deserving colleague for the 2017 SOT Achievement Award!  Nominations are accepted online through October 9, 2016.

Recent recipients of the SOT Achievement Award include the following:

  • 2006 Jose E. Manautou
  • 2007 Jeffrey M. Peters
  • 2008 Ivan Rusyn
  • 2009 Russell S. Thomas
  • 2010 Gary W. Miller
  • 2011 Nathan Cherrington
  • 2012 Donna D. Zhang
  • 2013 Wei Xu
  • 2014 Matthew J. Campen
  • 2015 Vishal S. Vaidya
  • 2016 Lauren Aleksunes


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