Proposed Changes to SOT Bylaws

It is best practice to have the Bylaws reflect the current workings of a society and to remove all policy statements that might encumber the organization’s ability to stay nimble. During its September 2016 meeting, the SOT Council approved the changes that are shown via this document. One constitutional change is required as we have renamed the SOT Affiliates as SOT Global Partners. The second set of changes reflects the need to allow Council additional flexibility around Committee activities. Please review the proposed changes to the Bylaws and send your comments to SOT Headquarters by November 10, 2016.

The success of the Society is highly dependent on the various committees, task forces, and working groups that provide sweat equity, volunteers’ time, and institutional knowledge to move the Society in the direction of our vision. It is important to note that these groups remain essential to SOT regardless of their inclusion in the SOT Bylaws. Committees remaining in the Bylaws meet one of the two criteria below:

  • The committee is elected (such as Awards, Membership, and Nominating).
  • The committee has governance over activities of the Society that supersede Council’s authority (such as Board of Publications and Endowment Fund Board)

Other existing Committees remain active, viable, and important to the mission of the Society. Charters have been developed and will be posted on the SOT website upon adoption of the revised Bylaws.  

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