SOT Council Funds Aspirational Proposals Aligned with SOT’s Strategic Priorities

SOT Leadership announced its intention in March to provide additional funding to the Society’s committees and task forces for programs and activities aligned with the 2012–2015 Strategic Priorities/Goals of SOT. Of the $100,000 allocated for this support from the Society’s Emerging Initiatives Funds, $99,640 has been approved for proposals that:

  • Increase Scientific Impact
  • Promote Recognition of Toxicology
  • Build for the Future of Toxicology
  • Enhance Member Engagement
  • Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness

It should be noted that provision of these funds did not necessitate an increase in annual member dues or member registration fees at the SOT Annual Meeting. A brief overview of the funded proposals follows:

For the SOT Board of Publications:

  • Strategic review of Toxicological Sciences, not conducted since 2007
  • Development of a mechanism to alert the SOT Communications Committee of relevant articles to promote recognition of the importance of toxicology to human health and disease prevention
  • Communications initiatives to raise awareness about and appreciation for the increasing integration of the SOT and ToxSci websites, including the development of Widgets on Specialty Sections websites that will display articles of particular interest to each of the 27 groups.

For the Career Resource and Development (CRAD) Committee

  • Formal review of the Job Bank to determine enhancements to this already appreciated and highly utilized tool
  • Refinements to Mentor Match to increase the effectiveness of this tool throughout the career of a scientist
  • Targeted mentoring initiative with the Postdoctoral Assembly (PDA) and Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC) under the auspices of CRAD to support an Annual Meeting Mentoring Breakfast and related activities throughout the year

For the Committee on Diversity Initiatives

  • Support of four additional students and SOT mentors to participate in the Annual Meeting Undergraduate Education Program

For the Disease Prevention Task Force

  • Funding support for additional Non-SOT Speakers to increase recognition of the importance of toxicology to human health and disease prevention
  • Funding for videotaping of additional scientific sessions for posting on the SOT website
  • Contemporary Concepts in Toxicology (CCT) Webinar—Strategic planning and implementation

For the Education Committee

  • Student internships to engage the next generation of toxicologists
  • K–12 Outreach Workshop for the 2013 SOT Annual Meeting

For the Postdoctoral Assembly

  • Mentoring activities in collaboration with CRAD and GSLC as described above

For the Professional Needs Assessment Task Force

  • Completion of the Job Outlook Survey

For the Scientific Liaison Coalition

  • Enhancement of participation of sister societies in the SOT Annual Meeting to strengthen partnerships
  • Position papers and comment endorsement and development to increase the recognition of toxicology and related sciences to human health and disease prevention

SOT remains committed to its mission “To Create a Safer and Healthier World by Advancing the Science of Toxicology.” The support described above will help SOT to address its central challenge: “Enhance the Impact and Recognition of Toxicology.”




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