Specialty Section Contacts for Pre-Review of 2018 Session Proposals

The development of proposals for the Society of Toxicology (SOT) 2018 Annual Meeting is underway with deadlines for pre-review by many Specialty Sections (SS) beginning in mid-April 2017 and deadline to submit proposals online to SOT on May 15, 2017. The SS Collaboration and Communication Group (SS-CCG), which represents all SOT SSs, has compiled a list of individuals serving as contacts for Session Proposal Pre-Review for SOT 2018.

As stated on the SOT webpage on preparing proposals for SOT 2018 found here, proposals that have undergone the editing and refinement process with potential endorsers prior to submission tend to receive higher scores and ranks during the review. A pre-review also allows you to gauge the level of interest of the SS as a potential endorser. Below is a list of contacts with their email addresses and deadlines by which your submission should be provided for this pre-review process. Please be advised that a session pre-review is not a guarantee that the session proposal will be endorsed by the SS.

If you are putting together a 2018 SOT Scientific Session Proposal that is especially diverse (e.g., spans interests of 4+ SSs, or the transdisciplinary focus does not align with current SS boundaries), you may send pre-submission inquiries to the SS-CCG by April 24, 2017, to Jeff Moffit (jeff.moffit@bioverativ.com) to determine whether the SS-CCG would be a good choice as a potential endorser. The SS-CCG expects to provide endorsement to a limited number of session proposals, as SS-CCG endorsement is not intended to replace appropriate SS review. 

Specialty Section Pre-Review Contact Position Deadline for Pre-Review Requests
Biological Modeling Jeff Gearhart Vice President 5/1/2017
Biotechnology Jorg Blumel​ Vice President 5/1/2017
Carcinogenesis Robert Schiestl President 5/1/2017
John DiGiovanni
Vice President 5/1/2017
Timothy Fennell
Vice President-Elect 5/1/2017
Karen Regan
Secretary/Treasurer 5/1/2017
James Klaunig
Past President 5/1/2017
Leslie Recio
Councilor 5/1/2017
Lora Arnold
Councilor 5/1/2017
Cardiovascular Toxicology Dinah Misner Treasurer 4/30/2017
Clinical and Translational Toxicology Jiri Aubrecht President 5/7/2017
Clinical and Translational Toxicology Donna Mendrick Vice President 5/7/2017
Clinical and Translational Toxicology John-Michael Sauer Vice President-Elect 5/7/2017
Comparative and Veterinary Jackie Akunda Vice President 4/28/2017
Dermal Toxicology Neera Tewari-Singh Secretary/Treasurer 5/1/2017
Drug Discovery Toxicology Peter Newham Vice President 5/1/2017
Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues Esther Haugabrooks Councilor 4/12/2017
Food Safety Karin Ke Vice President 5/1/2017
Immunotoxicology Rodney Prell Councilor 5/1/2017
In Vitro and Alternative Methods Barbara Wetmore Vice President 4/24/2017
In Vitro and Alternative Methods Amy Clippinger President 4/24/2017
In Vitro and Alternative Methods Warren Casey Vice President-Elect 4/24/2017
In Vitro and Alternative Methods Katie-Paul Friedman Councilor 4/24/2017
Inhalation and Respiratory Laura Van Winkle Secretary/Treasurer 5/1/2017
Mechanisms Rhiannon Hardwick Secretary/Treasurer 4/24/2017
Medical Device Kelly Coleman President 5/1/2017
Metals Erik Tokar Vice President 5/1/2017
Mixtures Danielle Carlin Program Committee 5/1/2017
Molecular and Systems Biology Shaun McCullough Vice President-Elect 5/1/2017
Nanotoxicology Aaron Erdely Vice President (Chair of Nano-SS Program Committee) 5/7/2017
Neurotoxicology Mary Gilbert Vice President 4/15/2017
Occupational and Public Health Amanda Persad Vice President-Elect 5/1/2017
Ocular Toxicology Chris Somps President 4/21/2017
Ocular Toxicology Mercedes Salvador-Silva Vice President 4/21/2017
Ocular Toxicology Vasudev Anand Vice President-Elect 4/21/2017
Ocular Toxicology Marcus Terneus Communications Officer 4/21/2017
Ocular Toxicology Russell Eyre Treasurer 4/21/2017
Ocular Toxicology Evan Thackaberry Past President 4/21/2017
Ocular Toxicology Vladimir Bantseev Councilor 4/21/2017
Ocular Toxicology Brian Gilger Councilor 4/21/2017
Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Edward Ohanian Vice President 5/5/2017
Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Marie Fortin Vice President-Elect 5/5/2017
Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Elizabeth Vancza Chair, Proposal Review Committee 5/5/2017
Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Kary Thompson Vice President 4/3/2017
Risk Assessment Sean Hays President 5/1/2017
Stem Cells Erik Tokar Past President 5/1/2017
Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology Angela Wilcox Vice President 5/1/2017


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