Become a Founding Member of the Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section

Forensic Toxicology is one of the major foundational specialties of the science of toxicology, yet it has no formal recognition within the Society of Toxicology (SOT).  With the intention to remedy this matter, a committee has assembled to consider a solution. We propose to form what will tentatively be called the Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section, with the formal name to be established based on agreement with SOT Council. 

Our first task is to identify those within SOT who have an interest in Forensic Toxicology and would join to help us form this Specialty Section, as 50 SOT members are needed to establish a new group. We have a unique opportunity to establish a Specialty Section at a time when critiques of forensic practice have been published by both the National Research Council/National Academy of Science and the National Institute of Science and Technology. A fundamental aspect of these critiques is that forensic science as practiced in the US often lacks sound scientific bases. Formation of a Specialty Section in Forensic Toxicology would serve as a forum and meeting place for those who both practice the specialty as well as those interested in this important area of toxicology. If you are interested in joining a new Forensic Toxicology Specialty Section, please contact one of the following individuals:

Ken Hastings (

Donald Fox (

Janis Hulla (

Christopher Weis (

Michael J. McCabe (



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