November 2017 ToxSci Online: The Most Influential Research in Toxicology



The current issue of Toxicological Sciences (November 2017, Vol. 160, Issue 1) includes articles that will be of great interest and importance to you. In this issue, ToxSci Editor-in-Chief Gary W. Miller encourages you to take note of the quality of  the articles in the Society's journal.

"The Look Inside ToxSci feature was designed to highlight exciting research in the journal. I anticipated that selecting four papers to highlight would require some effort and thought. This issue, however, was troubling. I found it extremely difficult to choose only four articles. The quality of the content in this issue was just superb. In addition to those below, there are top papers on the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, adverse outcome pathways, and the impact of phthalates on in vitro fertilization. When I encourage you to look inside, it is not just at those articles highlighted below, it is the entire issue. The November issue is case in point: ToxSci contains the most influential research in the field of toxicology."

The four Editor's Highlights were prepared by ToxSci Associate Editors as follows: Jeffrey M. Peters on Transcriptomics to Aid Risk Assessment, Alison H. Harrill on Toxicology Screening in Yeast, Jeffrey M. Peters on Pregnancy and Carcinogen Metabolism, and B. Paige Lawrence on AHR, CXCL5, and Inflammation.

The mission of ToxSci, the official journal of the Society of Toxicology, is to publish the most influential research in the field of toxicology.






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