Postdoctoral Representative Positions Open in Several Component Groups

Postdoctoral Representatives serve as the backbone of leadership in the SOT Postdoctoral Assembly (PDA).  They provide leadership within their group, and they serve as the liaison between their group and the Postdoctoral Assembly. These representatives are the group the PDA goes to when making recommendations for PDA reps to the standing committees. Serving as a Postdoctoral Representative is a great way for trainees to gain leadership experience and become involved in the workings of SOT and the PDA.

Below is the list of Regional Chapters, Specialty Sections, and Special Interest Groups with “Open” positions for PDA Reps:

Regional Chapters with open positions for PDA reps:

  • Lake Ontario
  • Michigan
  • South Central

Specialty Sections with open positions for PDA reps:

  • Dermal Toxicology
  • Drug Discovery Toxicology
  • Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues
  • Medical Device
  • Occupational and Public Health
  • Ocular Toxicology
  • Risk Assessment

Special Interest Groups with open positions for PDA reps:

  • Korean Toxicologists Association in America

If you are interested in serving as a representative for one of these groups, please contact the leadership of the component to pursue this opportunity.   


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