SOT 2018–2019 Election Ballot Is Ready for Your Vote

Dear Voting Member of the Society of Toxicology:

The Nominating Committee, including Chairperson Peter L. Goering, Norman J. Barlow, Elena K. Braithwaite, Jay I. Goodman, Daniel C. Kemp, Ian Kimber, James E. Klaunig, Raegan Brie O’Lone, Rebecca E. Watson, and Council Contact John B. Morris, is proud to present the 2018–2019 nominees for SOT officers and members of SOT-elected committees.

The online ballot is available on the SOT website, just log in using your email and SOT password to gain access to the ballot. After you review the candidate biographical information, make your selections by marking the appropriate spaces next to the candidates’ names, or complete text fields for write-in candidates. As an alternative, you may print and fax your ballot. Please mark the ballot in the appropriate spaces and be sure to include your signature and printed full name. Blank spaces are provided for write-in candidates. Fax the ballot, with the accompanying cover sheet that also includes your signature, printed full name, and address, to the offices of Dembo Jones, PC; Fax: 301.770.5202, Attn: Tiwana Clark.

Thank you for participating in this important election process. Results will be published in the Communiqué in late February. I hope that your 2017 was most successful and satisfying, and that I have the pleasure of seeing you in March at our Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

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