Graduate School Opportunities: Up Close and Personal for Undergraduate Students at the Annual Meeting

2018 SOT Annual Meeting in San Antonio banner

What is graduate school like? Graduate students and postdocs will generously volunteer their time to participate in a networking event with undergraduate students at the SOT Annual Meeting to answer that and other questions. Sponsored by the Undergraduate Education Subcommittee, the Undergraduate Student Meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 13, 3:00 pm–4:15 pm in Room 216 of the Convention Center. This is the perfect time for undergraduates to learn directly from trainees about graduate school and the focus and strengths of various graduate programs. Trainees will meet with a small group of undergraduates in a speed networking format.

Undergraduate Education Subcommittee leaders also will provide an introduction to the various SOT resources for undergraduates.

Registration for the SOT Annual Meeting is free for undergraduate students, who use the mail/fax registration form and provide a copy of their student identification to register. 

Please use this flyer to promote the meeting activities of interest to undergraduates.

The Undergraduate Education Program on Sunday is open to any undergraduate registered for the meeting as space allows. This is a ticketed option on the registration form. The full-day program includes presentations on topics in toxicology, graduate school information sessions, and career breakouts, as well as the opportunity to meet with representatives of graduate programs in an afternoon session. This Academic Program Director Session is complementary to the Undergraduate Student Meeting on Tuesday afternoon. 

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