March 2018 SOT Journal Online: Avoid Predatory Journals and Publish in ToxSci



The current issue of Toxicological Sciences (March 2018, Vol. 162, Issue 1) is now online and features a cover commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Society’s journal. In the words of Editor-in-Chief Gary Miller:

You will note a special cover on this issue that highlights many of the visually and intellectually appealing images that have graced the covers of ToxSci. This is part of our ongoing celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Journal. During this explosion of open access journals (both legitimate and predatory), it is nice to know that our journal has a substantial history and the backing of an organization like the Society of Toxicology. When I am asked how to avoid predatory publishers, I just say publish in society journals like ToxSci. I hope to see many of you at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology later this month in San Antonio. Until then, I encourage you to look inside ToxSci for the most influential research in the field of toxicology.

This issue also includes an Editorial Toxicology and Tributaries in Texas that helps set the stage for the SOT 2018 Annual Meeting and there are four Editor's Highlights prepared by three ToxSci Associate Editors and  Dr. Miller. These highlights include Imaging Mammary Epithelial Organoids, Jodi A. Flaws; Paternal Exposures and Offspring’s Mitochondria, Brian Cummings, Data Fusion and AOPs, Jerry Campbell, and DNA Damage Assay Predictability, Dr. Miller.

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