Conference Highlights New Opportunities to Integrate 21st Century Toxicology and Exposure Science into a Precision Medicine Platform

Registration now is open for the inaugural Total Exposure Health 2018 Conference. It’s an opportunity for professionals in government, the Armed Services, academia, and industry to explore scientific advances that support the US Air Force’s new initiative, Total Exposure Health. The initiative—and namesake of the conference—will bridge precision medicine and exposure science in an effort to improve the health of our armed forces and the public.  


Research in toxicology, risk assessment, exposure science, and biotechnology—foundational areas of research for the Society of Toxicology community—will be key to improving the armed forces’ operational readiness by reducing the impacts of exposure to chemical and non-chemical stressors. 

We invite all of you to explore with us:

  • the unique needs of the warfighter, veteran, and occupational health communities;
  • advancements in exposure science, toxicology, and precision medicine; and 
  • the critical role of bioethics. 

The conference will include a poster session and we encourage our colleagues—particularly students—to submit a poster. A social and expo will accompany the poster session, affording ample opportunity for networking among conference attendees and speakers.

For registration and more information, visit the conference website.

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