June 2018 ToxSci Introduces New Section on Systematic Reviews


The June 2018, Vol. 163, Issue 2 of Toxicological Sciences includes many articles that will be of interest and importance to you as well as introducing a new section on Systematic Reviews. ToxSci  Editor-in-Chief Gary W. Miller Editor’s Desk remarks are below and he has co-authored an editorial on this topic with Daniele S. Wikoff, Systematic Reviews in Toxicology.

"Journals have long been in the position of arbiters of scientific research. Scientists design studies, conduct experiments, interpret results, write manuscripts, and then submit the work to a journal. Editors, associate editors, and reviewers then evaluate the work to determine if it is acceptable for publication. If it is deemed worthy, the work then graces the pages of the journal and becomes part of the archives of science. Yet all work is not equal, and if one is trying to survey the literature to make a decision about the potential toxicity of a compound, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, systematic reviews are helping fields synthesize large and disparate bodies of work. This month we introduce our new section on Systematic Reviews (see accompanying editorial). I encourage you to look inside ToxSci for the most influential research in the field of toxicology, including approaches to systematically evaluate said work."

Also in this most recent ToxSci issue, you will find four Editor's Highlights prepared by ToxSci Associate Editors B. Paige Lawrence on Antimicrobials Induce Colon Inflammation and Tumorgenesis, Marc Pallardy on Toxicity of Hydraulic Fracturing Mixtures, Helmut Zarbl on Activation of Cooked Meat Carcinogens, and Aaron A. Bowman on Metabolic Effects of PCB126.

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