Seventh Annual ASCCT Meeting: Call for Abstracts

The American Society of Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT) is hosting its Seventh Annual Meeting “Predictive Toxicology: Strategies for Implementing New Approaches” on September 11, 2018, at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland. ASCCT is a scientific society specifically dedicated to the promotion of toxicology testing and research which utilizes non-animal new approach methodologies.

The agenda for the meeting includes:

  • Expert plenary lectures:
    • “Building Biological Bridges: Facilitating the Predictive Toxicology Paradigm” by Brian Berridge, National Toxicology Program
    • “Predictive Toxicology for Regulatory Decisions: Implementing New Approaches at FDA” by Suzanne Fitzpatrick, US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)
    • “Microphysiological Systems — The Opportunities and the Challenges” by Stefan Platz, AstraZeneca 
    • “Maximizing the Impact of Tissue Chip Technologies with In Vitro-In Vivo Translation” by Murat Cirit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Sessions on medical devices, tobacco assessment, and online toxicology resources
  • A panel discussion on public-private partnerships
  • A social reception and networking event
  • Poster and oral presentations drawn from submitted abstracts
  • A mentoring activity and awards for young scientists

While many invited talks this year will focus on products regulated by the US FDA, abstracts covering all aspects of cellular and computational toxicology, including policy, are welcome and invited. The deadline to be considered for an oral presentation is June 29. Abstracts for poster presentations will be accepted until the meeting, space permitting.

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