2019 Founders Award for Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology: Nominate A Deserving Member Today!


The Society of Toxicology (SOT) Founders Award, now known as the Founders Award for Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology, recognizes the contributions of current Full, Emeritus, or Retired members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the development or application of state-of-the-art approaches that reveal safety levels of chemical and physical agent exposure with a high degree of certainty. This award is supported by the Founders Fund, an SOT Endowment Fund


 Ruth A. Roberts (left) is presented the 2018 SOT Founders Award plaque by SOT President Leigh Ann Burns Naas (right)

As with the majority of SOT Awards, nominations for the Founders Award should include the nominee’s abbreviated CV and both a primary and seconding letter of nomination from Full members of the Society that include documentation and description of the significant contributions to toxicology by the nominee. These letters should describe in layman’s terms an analysis of the nominee's significant contributions to toxicology and how they apply to the criteria of the award. Nominations are accepted online on the SOT Awards website through October 9, 2018.

Please note: The Awards Committee will only review the two letters required to complete the nomination, no additional letters will be taken into consideration.

Previous Founders Award Recipients  Salus.jpg

  • 2008 John Doull
  • 2009 Roger O. McClellan
  • 2010 James S. Bus
  • 2011 Joseph F. Borzelleca
  • 2012 John A. Moore
  • 2013 William Alfred Suk
  • 2014 John A. Thomas
  • 2016 Richard H. Adamson
  • 2017 Meryl H. Karol
  • 2018 Ruth A. Roberts
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