October 2018 ToxSci: Editorial on Balancing Computational Approaches

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The October 2018, Vol 165, Issue 2 of Toxicological Sciences includes remarks by Editor-in-Chief  Gary W. Miller on computational approaches in toxicology as well as many articles that will be of interest and importance to you. Regarding these approaches, Dr. Miller notes that:

“It is heartening to see the expansion of computational approaches in the field of toxicology. In our world of ever-increasing data, it is clear that human computation is woefully inadequate. This is not to say that there is not a place for human-based analysis and judgment. The challenge is finding a balance. How much should we trust the machines? I recall as a graduate student, the edict to understand what each of the reagents in a preassembled kit actually did. Similarly, it is important to understand the underlying framework behind computational tools and to recognize that they were programmed by fallible humans. It may not be necessary to know the code, but the underlying algorithms should be built upon a defensible intellectual foundation and we should demand that such information be readily available to the consumers. Toxicological Sciences welcomes manuscripts that focus on the advances in computational toxicology. As always, I encourage you to look inside ToxSci for the most influential research in the field of toxicology.”

In this issue of ToxSci, you also will find Editor's Highlights prepared by four Associate Editors. These include Jeffrey M. Peters on AHR Gene Targeting and Hepatotoxicity; Kristine L. Willet on Flame Retardants and Neurobehavior; Lu Cai on Sex-Specificity of Genistein; and Jerry Campbell on Search for Nontoxicity.

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