Reminder: Nominate or Apply for an SOT Award! Deadline October 9


Society of Toxicology (SOT) Full members are encouraged to nominate or apply for an Award. There are many prestigious awards to recognize colleagues for their work! The nominations and applications deadline for most SOT Awards is October 9, 2018!

Award information, award criteria, and nomination or application details for all awards are available on the SOT Awards section of the SOT website. Please review the award descriptions and familiarize yourself with the requirements and, most importantly, take the next step and nominate or apply for a 2019 SOT Award! Many of SOT’s prominent awards require two Full members of the Society to provide a primary and secondary letter of nomination.

Search by Name, Category, or Audience on the SOT Awards Page for specific information on award opportunities for:

      • Researchers
      • Postdoctoral Scholars
      • Graduate Students
      • Regional Chapter, Special Interest Group, or Specialty Section Members

Most Undergraduate Awards, including the Graduate Student Travel Support Awards, require that the applicant submit an abstract for the Annual Meeting. All abstracts for the 2019 SOT Annual Meeting are to be submitted online by October 19, 2018. The Graduate Student Travel Award deadline is October 9, so be sure to submit your abstract early if you intend to apply for this award!  

When nominating or applying for an award, please ensure that you have reviewed all appropriate deadlines.

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