Two New Endowment Funds Approved by Council

On behalf of the Endowment Fund Board, I am pleased to report the establishment of two new, named funds. A fund proposed by The Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Specialty Section (RSESS) was recently given the green light by SOT Council. Named the Future of SS-RSE-Logo.pngRegulatory and Safety Evaluation Endowment Fund, its purpose is to encourage research and training, scientific progress, collaboration, and modernization in the fields of safety evaluation and regulatory toxicology. The fund will primarily support awards to graduate students and/or postdoctoral scholars based on scientific excellence and progress toward novel, better, and fit for purpose approaches to safety evaluation, and/or regulatory toxicology. The other, recently established fund is

SIG-TAO-Logo.pngThe Legacy Travel Award Fund proposed by the Toxicologists of African Origin (TAO) group. The goal of this Fund is to encourage collaboration, education, and training of toxicologists and scientists in toxicology-related fields. The fund will be used to recognize and assist travel for scientists of African ancestry to SOT-affiliated meetings.

Greater detail about these two funds is available on the SOT website. They stand to contribute to SOT’s efforts to bring the best science to the field of toxicology, to encourage young scientists, and further the diversity initiatives within our discipline. As for all new funds, these funds must reach $50,000 in assets within the next 3 years to reach status as a permanent, endowed fund. I am sure that the RSESS and TAO would welcome donations to achieve that goal.

 Bob Roth, Chair, Endowment Fund Board


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