April 2019 ToxSci: Emphasizing Mentorship and Highlights from the Issue

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toxsci_168_2cover.pngToxicological Sciences Editor-in-Chief Gary W. Miller reflects on the utility of mentoring young toxicologists in his “From the Editor’s Desk” remarks in this month’s issue of the journal—Volume 168, Issue 2, April 2019:

“A couple of years ago, I wrote an editorial about the challenges facing young investigators in toxicology. I was recently reminded of the professional angst I described then and how mentors can help trainees deal with these challenges. I believe mentorship should be conducted in the same way science is conducted in the lab. One must allow for experimentation and recognize the utility of small experiments. Encourage trainees to attend seminars, meetings, courses, and events that allow them to explore a variety of career paths. Ask them about their experiences. Help them analyze the data just as one would at lab meeting. It may be that the grass is greener outside the laboratory, but we must help our trainees evaluate these options just as we help them analyze data from their experiments. As always, I encourage you to look inside ToxSci for the most influential research in the field of toxicology.”

Four Editor’s Highlights are featured alongside the other breakthrough research in the April edition of ToxSci:

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